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Gay Dads
Considering Adoption? We couldn’t be more excited to become parents and would love to get to know you!


We are so happy that you stopped by to learn more about us.  We respect the consideration and the emotion that surrounds your choice of adoption and have such admiration for your courage.  We promise this baby will be surrounded by enormous amounts of love, laughter, and care.  We will honor who and where they came from and encourage them to be passionate, curious, and loving.


I am sure you want to know a little bit about our story.  We met 10 years ago and from our very first date, one of the things that bonded us was our commitment and dedication to our families. Through the years as our relationship grew-so did our desire to create a family of our own.


In 2015 our closest friends and family gathered for our engagement party turned surprise wedding to help us celebrate our love for one another.  


We are loving, secure, ready and very excited to provide a child with a wonderful life. Becoming parents would complete our family in the most wonderful and exciting way as we embark on life.  We hope that through these words and pictures, you will take a glimpse into our lives. We look forward to talking to you, getting to know you and completing our family.


OUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY is continuing to build our family with a foundation of unconditional love. We look forward to building a positive, trusting relationship with you and want to build an adoption plan you are comfortable with.  Your child will always know how he or she become a part of our family and be reminded of the courage it took for you to make this decision. 



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